DanceMatic Pro-Dance Training

Professional DanceMatic Training

Welcome to our new professional dance program. 

If you are willing to improve your basic dance technique and underpin your dancing with better physical strength and high performance stamina, then we shall see you every Sunday at 11:30am-12:30am at Dabury Sports Centre in Chelmsford, Essex.

If you are not prepared to break a sweat and work hard, then this class is not for you!



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DanceMatic Pro Training Ballroom Latin Class                 DanceMatic Pro Training




Danbury Sports Centre

Dawson Field

Main Road






5£ per Class


What to expect:

Class will consist of two halfs:

Hard Core Fitness (attacking different areas of your body).

Variety of Ballroom & Latin Technique exercises.

You will need a yoga mat or a big towel and your ballroom and latin shoes.

Make sure you have water with you as well.


Exciting times ladies and gents - See you all there!


DanceMatic ISTD Team